Are you a Candidate for Baby Fraxel?

Clear and Brilliant is a laser also known as "baby Fraxel". This laser is great for preventing the early signs of aging.

It is a great treatment if you are in your 20’s and 30’s so the skin will continue to look at its best as it matures.

It is a delicate and soft laser that penetrates your skin by heating it and regenerating collagen.

This treatment replaces damage skin cells by replacing them with new healthier skin that makes your face look younger and healthier!

What is the difference between this laser and the bigger FRAXEL?

This laser is less painful and it has less downtime than bigger Fraxels. Because it is so soft, it doesn't burn or damages the skin. No one will notice you did this procedure, you can even apply makeup immediately after and continue your daily activities without any risks to your skin.

This treatment can be done every 2 weeks but I recommend to do it once a month.

Think it like this "It is like replacing a monthly facial

What exactly is this laser doing to my face?

This treatment reduces pores, improve fine lines and the texture of the skin. It can also help get black heads out and helps with acne scaring. Also it helps with the dryness of the skin and dark spots, melasma or sunburns. We can treat are the face and chest.

This procedure is not painful with minimal to no downtime.


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